Kacmaz Grup

KACMAZ group was founded in 1996 with Irem Elektrik in Karakoy, Istanbul.
Together with Horoz Elektrik founded in Istanbul Trakya Free Zone in 2007, It has more than 2000 pieces of product under HOROZ brand in accordance to EU standards in Republic of China produced, exports these products to 71 countries in total with other group companies located in 12 countries.
In 2009, TEB Elektrik was established in a 25.000 m2 closed and 10.000 M2 open area in Arnavutkoy, Istanbul to produce many lighting products in Turkey in order to support the country's economy and employment.
In 2011, these companies were gathered under the roof of KACMAZ Group.
By 2015, the construction sector has also joined the Kacmaz Group community of companies. During this time, a significant amount of residence has been built and investments continue in many other projects.
KACMAZ group, with its 19 existing companies, creates adding value to our country and continues to give confidence to all its employees, shareholders and customers.